NCECA 2015 Talk

Wow!  You ceramics people sure know how to make a girl feel special!

An overflowing room at NCECA

After making it to Providence, RI a day late and kitten weak from food poisoning, I gave my presentation, Grayson Perry and the Subversive Art of Ornamentation, to a packed room.  Seriously packed.  Those people sitting in front of me in this picture are not my security detail.  Those are people who figured out that they could fit in the room by sitting on the stage and watching my monitors!

A condensed version of the paper was published in the NCECA 2015 Journal, but I’m looking for a place to publish the full-length paper to share with other people from outside of the conference.

Thank you so much for all of you who came out for this and who gave me feedback.  I’m inspired to continue my research into the power of ornamentation and the ways we can use it to make artists dangerous again!

If you are interested in reading a longer form of the paper than what was published in the NCECA journal, you can read it on my profile.

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