Pit Firing – Ocean Beach

Pit Fire Forms
Title: Pit Fired Forms (Set of Three)
Sizes: 5″ x 3″, 5 “x 4″, 5″ x 3.5”


5735988824_0ea4241741_bThese forms were fired in an open pit fire on Ocean Beach with Tom Decker and the Fort Mason Ceramics Guild.



The fire pits were created by metal artists in San Francisco to preserve the tradition of fires on Ocean Beach.  Because this firing was done in a raised pit instead of a sunken pit, the firing goes much faster and has greater thermal shock.


The pieces are set on a cushion of saw dust and copper and iron for coloring.  Then everything is covered with wood and set aflame.  As the fire burns down, the pit fired pieces emerge from the fire.5735448221_afc2757a62_b

5735453225_bd06a11f39_bIt is an exciting and communal way to finish thrown ware.


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